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RockImmo is a unique real estate company. Although it is active in all real estate sectors, it is particularly dedicates to the technical field. This means that it focuses on the purchase of premises or property that can be used by companies and individuals working in technical field.

Our team works in collaboration with Gestina, a real estate company with over 30 years of experience.


Do you want to purchase a storage room, workshops, offices or any other property?

Please check out our properties for sale.

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Do you own a property or shares that you want to sell? Please contact us to make a valuation and help you to fulfil the sale.

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Are you looking for a property to rent? Find all possibilities offered by RockImmo directly on our website or at Gestina.


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Data center

We offer you a unique solution: the rental of technical surfaces in Data centers.  Technology is an unavoidable, omnipresent topic. That's why we offer this solution in addition to our regular real estate services. RockImmo's relationship with GuardEx and Syslog...