Who are we?

RockImmo is a real estate company that was founded in March 2020. It works in partnership with GuardEx, a hosting company, for its technical areas rental solutions.

The purpose of the company is: the purchase, sale, exchange and trading of real estate of all kinds; all activities related to data backup and protection (data centre); real estate management and services in all real estate fields; all advice in the field of IT hosting (cloud). The company is authorised to establish branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad and to participate in, found, acquire, finance or manage companies in Switzerland and abroad. The company may acquire, pledge, manage and sell real estate in Switzerland and abroad.


RockImmo was founded in March 2020 by Dr Sandro Arcioni. Its main objective is to sell, buy and rent real estate in the technical field.

Located in Engelberg, between the robustness of mountains that represent the strength of the company, it does not only do business with standard properties. The company also specialises in everything that has to do with Information Technology: data protection, backups, etc.

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